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A high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens.
Industrial control
It is mainly embedded on medium and large industrial equipment, and the data acquisition controller is used for information data calculation. The customer obtains the equipment operation data through the computer display screen, and clicks our touch screen through operation to perform basic operations such as equipment parameter adjustment and model switching. The controller processes and feeds back the resistance current data of the touch screen on the display screen. Such products are widely used, with strong durability and high strength, and can ensure stable and lasting operation of equipment.
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OA&Medical Device
The development of such products benefits from the popularity of various medical equipment and the change of the overall social environment. It is mainly used for respiratory auxiliary equipment such as image display equipment such as detection, and belongs to the auxiliary product of computer operation of equipment. The product needs to wear gloves and alcohol resistant chemical solvents to avoid misoperation. Therefore, the selection of materials and processes is particularly complicated.
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Household Electric Appliances
With the popularization of household appliances and the introduction of various print and video equipment into ordinary families, our company has developed small and medium-sized products suitable for washing machines, refrigerators, range hoods, printers, etc. This type of product is widely used in electrical products that need to input simple instructions. Input simple instructions through finger pressing or even gesture waving. The internal processor recognizes the signal value according to the height, and then gives functional instructions to electrical equipment through the processor to achieve the operation that users want to perform, and gathers operation lights to give instructions. In this way, we can realize the intellectualization of electrical appliances, simplify the operation of household appliances, and improve the use experience.
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Consumer electronics
With the popularity of mobile game machines, these products have been widely used in daily life. For example, the common cashier equipment in supermarkets, ATM card swiping equipment, etc., this type of product needs to cope with the high frequency of clicks or touches, and it can quickly and accurately output feedback to the input signal through the smart chip. The product features durability and short response time. Due to the rapid development and upgrading of chips, the upgrading speed of such products is relatively fast.
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Vehicle navigation
It is installed on the information central control of the vehicle driver's position. The data information obtained through the processing of the intelligent chip is fed back to the processor. The actual touch function position is calculated from the user's finger touch positioning data. The interactive screen is displayed through the LCD to achieve real-time monitoring and display of various vehicle data information, provide more rapid and intuitive dynamic information for drivers and passengers, and increase the practicality and interest of vehicle driving.
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